Vehicle Delivery

Let us take the hassle out of getting your truck shipped.

We know how difficult it is to find the right vehicle for your business. That’s why Trucks & Parts offers the very best selection of quality refuse and roll off trucks. We offer the full compliment of different used and new garbage trucks for sale: front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders, roll off trucks, as well as smaller under CDL trucks, container delivery units, and service mechanic trucks.  We also offer cab and chassis trucksconcrete mixer trucksdump truckswater trucks and trailers!

Any truck you’re looking for, we’re bound to offer it. If we don’t offer it, we’ll find it for you or we’ll find something similar enough to ensure your business runs smoothly. You might be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but what do I do after I’ve found the truck I want to purchase?”
Ah, we’ve thought of that as well! You’ve got a couple of options to obtain your vehicle. Check out both below.

Pick up Your Vehicle
There’s an obvious upside to picking up your vehicle. You won’t have to wait for us to ship it to you. However, the downside is a big one.  We only have two brick and mortar locations. One is at 1015 South 50th St. in Tampa, Florida and the other is at 1620 Horseshoe Pike in Glenmore, Pennsylvania. But most importantly, your time is valuable!  Do you really want to spend it driving for hours and hours on the highway? Instead of picking up your vehicle, you should just let us deliver it to you.

Call and Have Us Deliver Your Vehicle
By far, this is the easiest option for you. All you have to do is email us or call 877-735-8782 and ask us to set up vehicle delivery.  We will arrange for your truck to be either trailered to you or we’ll line up a quality drive-away service with top professional drivers.  It’s really that easy!

Keep reading for answers to questions you might have.
Will Trucks and Parts deliver any vehicle I purchase?
Yes. We can arrange delivery on any of our trucks. Whether it’s a front load garbage truck, or just a cab and chassis truck, or even a trailer, we’ll deliver it to your desired location. All you have to do is call or email.

Are you able to deliver trucks anywhere in the United States?
Yes. We partner with other great companies to provide the best in customer service vehicle delivery. Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy with their purchase. That includes vehicle delivery. We make sure that any company we partner with is skilled, highly professional and will provide on-time vehicle delivery that is up to Trucks & Parts standards.

Do you charge for vehicle delivery? If so, how much?
Yes, we must charge for vehicle delivery. Delivering anything the size of a truck requires proper insurance, and often specific shipping permits.  Shipping is best left to professionals like our partners and that’s why we must charge our customers to deliver their vehicles.
However, we work with our partners to provide the best quote possible at the fairest market rate.
Why don’t you call or email us right now? Contact a Trucks & Parts representative today for a quote on vehicle delivery.