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Front Loader garbage trucks were originally designed for commercial and industrial routes that were best suited for a one-man operation.  However, today many front load garbage trucks are used for residential routes as well.  Carry cans can now be added to many front loader models that enable the truck to be used for residential waste and recycling collection.  Front-load garbage trucks are available in a range of sizes and weight classifications.  There are now lighter front loaders for those haulers who want to transport the largest legal payload without the worry of incurring overweight citations.  Front loader garbage trucks provide the perfect balance of performance, versatility, and productivity for both commercial and residential routes, and they deliver proven performance. No matter what type of front loader you are looking for, Trucks and Parts has the larges selection nationwide!
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Rear Loaders have long been considered the workhorse of the garbage collection industry.  They are easy to operate, durable and are the mainstay of both small and large haulers.  Rear loaders are available in a wide range of sizes.  While 25 yard is the standard, they come as small as 6 yard (which does not require a Commercial Drivers License and is FET exempt) and go up to 32 yd.  They are available in a split-body configuration as well.  The split-body rear loader can manually collect multiple commodities on a single route.  The two tailgates operate independently and the co-mingled collection capability eliminates the need for two trucks to pick up waste and recyclables. Rear Loaders are the industry standard, go-to garbage truck.
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Side Loader garbage trucks are becoming more and more popular.  The biggest advantage is that they only require one operator.  But they are also fast, and tough enough to handle most garbage collection routes.  Side Loaders are loaded from the side, either manually or with the help of an automated arm (ASL’s) and are available in many sizes, models and configurations (manual, automated and split-body).  While the larger automated ASL units are the most popular, they are also available as smaller “Satellite” models.  The satellite side loader is typically a 6 yard to 10 yard unit that can either dump it’s load on the ground, or raise the body to empty into a larger rear loader.  Whether it’s a manual, automated or a satellite-side loader garbage trucks efficiently get the job done.
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Hooklift rolloff trucks are one of the most versatile types of vehicles on the market today. With interchangeable bodies, one hook lift truck can act as a roll off truck, dump truck,  flatbed truck, rollback, just to name a few. Hooklifts are frequently available in under cdl (non-cd license required to operate) models, making them easy to operate with any driver without needing a CDL license. In addition to being a staple of the garbage industry, hooklift trucks are extremely popular with landscape companies, construction companies, tree services and more. Trucks and Parts has a large selection of new or used hooklift trucks for sale with all many makes and models available.
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Roll Off trucks and Roll Off trailers service a multitude of industries including: construction debris, scrap metal, garbage and waste collection.  They are a great choice when it comes to picking up bulk loads and are used in a wide range of jobs that require sizeable material to be taken away. The Roll Off cable hoist is the standard but the hook-lift Roll Off is also very popular.  Roll Off trucks come in many weight classifications.  Smaller systems can be mounted on an under CDL single-axle truck but the preferred option is usually a 60,000 lb. or 75,000 lb. Roll Off hoist mounted on a 66,000 lb. or higher GVW chassis. Roll Off trucks are highly effective for jobs that require large containers to be dropped off on site and later picked up and transported.
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Container Delivery Units (CDU) are ideal for container delivery, pick-up, and placement, as well as moving containers around a yard.  Typically, a Container Delivery Unit is rated at an 8,000 lb. lifting capacity.  It can also be equipped with an optional “rotator” for continuous rotation that allows for dumping a loaded garbage container.  Most CDU units are mounted on an under CDL chassis so that a Commercial Drivers License is not required to operate the truck.  The smaller chassis also allows for better maneuverability to move in and out of narrow alleys and other tricky areas.  Container Delivery Units add efficiency to the container transport process and make it very easy to pick-up and place front load, rear load and side load garbage containers.
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Grapple booms or knuckleboom loaders are typically used to pick up heavy and bulky waste. There are several different models as well as a wide variety of grapple types that can be used for a multitude of applications.  Grapple trucks can sometimes be used in road construction and repair but most commonly, grapple trucks are used by municipal sanitation or public works departments, and by waste collection companies. Grapple trucks are equipped with a hydraulic knuckle boom that have a clamshell bucket.  The bucket is used to retrieve tough, bulky items and then usually loaded into the dump body or a trailer. Grapple trucks are ideal for the collection of bulky garbage and waste salvage and they can get difficult jobs done safely and cost-effectively.
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