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Trucks and Parts Truck Reconditioning
Trucks and Parts Truck Reconditioning

There is a huge difference between a used truck and a “reconditioned” truck, and it’s important that you understand the difference. Most garbage truck dealers are just selling a used truck with new paint, but not at Trucks & Parts. We sell reconditioned trucks! Our trucks go through a rigorous 222 point inspection and we can show you documentation on what specifically we inspected, what condition it was in, and what repairs we did to the truck to make important improvements. Most dealers can’t produce any documentation whatsoever for any work done to their trucks - we can!

A quality truck can make a game-changing difference for your business. That's why buying the right garbage truck is such an important decision. Make sure that you are not buying “someone else’s problem” or a tired used truck with just new paint. Take the time and make a few phone calls. Ask the seller to give you their inspection report and their written documentation for the work done on their truck. And remember, at Trucks & Parts, we inspect and document every one of our trucks, so that you can see the value-added and know what work was done to it.

Make a smart decision and go with the reconditioning experts - Trucks & Parts of Tampa and Trucks & Parts of Pennsylvania. We set the standard and continue to raise the bar in the reconditioning of used garbage trucks.

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