Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Garbage Truck

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Garbage Truck

Are you looking for a new or used garbage truck to bolster your waste hauling operations? Whether you’re a large-scale hauler or a small start-up, investing in the right garbage or trash truck can be a game-changer for your business.

As with any major purchase, the key to acquiring the best garbage truck is diligent research, thorough information gathering, and comprehensive comparisons. Steering clear of some common pitfalls should lead you to the ideal garbage or trash truck to meet your unique needs.

Read on to discover the five biggest mistakes to avoid when buying new garbage trucks, used trash trucks, or reconditioned garbage trucks.

1.) Failing to obtain a garbage truck history report

Vehicle history reports are a critical component of the used or reconditioned garbage truck shopping process. Luckily, obtaining a vehicle’s history is straightforward, thanks to online resources like CARFAX or AutoCheck.

These reports use the truck’s VIN to divulge crucial details such as major accident history, flood damage, salvage title status, and the number of previous owners.

Bypassing this important step is a common error in the process of purchasing used garbage trucks or trash trucks. To ensure you’re making a smart choice, always inspect the vehicle’s history.

Since 1950, Trucks & Parts works extremely hard to build their network of truck sources, enabling them to be one of the nation’s largest buyers of new and used garbage trucks. We know where every truck came from, how it was maintained, and gladly provides a free CARFAX report for all of their garbage trucks for sale.

2.) Overlooking the benefits of used or reconditioned trash trucks

    Purchasing a new garbage truck is often the first choice. However, opting for a used trash truck or a reconditioned garbage truck can also be a strategic move. These options can present an opportunity to acquire a reliable and productive vehicle at a fraction of the cost.

    As a business owner, you should assess your budget for the garbage truck and adhere to it. If a new truck fits into your budget – excellent! But if funds are tight, or the route doesn’t warrant such an expense, purchasing a used or reconditioned garbage truck might be a smart alternative.

    Numerous used garbage trucks and trash trucks are still in excellent condition or have been reconditioned to meet manufacturer standards.

    Moreover, a used truck can often overcome the initial depreciation hurdle. It’s well-known that new vehicles depreciate the moment they leave the dealership, and hefty garbage trucks are no exception – they can depreciate in value by as much as 20% to 30% in the first year alone!

    Purchasing a used or reconditioned garbage truck can be a lucrative deal, as long as you remember to inspect its history report before finalizing the purchase.

    3.) Neglecting to request an inspection

      When considering a used or reconditioned garbage truck, it’s essential to request a vehicle inspection from the dealer.

      Neglecting an inspection could lead to unforeseen costs. Every dealer should conduct thorough inspections of their trucks, documenting any performed maintenance or needed repairs.

      Don’t be swayed by superficial factors such as new paint or a seemingly low price tag. Delve deeper into the vehicle’s condition and keep in mind the adage, “buyer beware”. Always ensure that the truck has been inspected and request a comprehensive written inspection report, including all mechanical truck chassis and body functions.

      An inspection report will help determine whether the truck is ready to operate on your route or the extent of repairs required to make it work-ready. It’s a step of paramount importance.

      Failing to compare trucks, options, and conditions

        Make sure to assess your wants, needs, and non-negotiables when buying a new, used, or reconditioned garbage truck. Compile a list of essential requirements. Do you need a specific make or model of the refuse body? Are features like a winch, scales, a pusher or third axle critical? What range of miles and hours will you accept?

        After formulating your list, prioritize them according to importance.

        When seeking the perfect garbage or trash truck, don’t just compare prices; also consider available options and, most crucially, the condition of the vehicle. Your goal should be a truck that is ready to roll, take on the route, and start generating revenue immediately.

        So, get started on your homework. Take note of the trucks that pique your interest, compare the options and conditions, and ensure you’re making a fair comparison.

        Overemphasizing price over condition

          The price of a garbage truck is only one facet of the buying process. While it may seem the most important factor, focusing solely on price could lead to regret.

          Yes, price is crucial, but the condition of a used or reconditioned truck is equally significant. For instance, you might find two identical used trucks, but one is priced $15,000 lower. The cheaper truck might be running fine but lacks any recent maintenance. The pricier truck, on the other hand, might have new brakes, a new body floor, rebuilt and replaced packing cylinders, and a freshly serviced engine (including the DPF). That kind of work is worth well over $15,000 (DPF service alone can run between $5,000 and $15,000). As long as you can verify the work, you’d be better off buying the truck with recent work in this scenario.

          Also, mileage and hours can vary drastically among similarly equipped trucks. Let’s say you’re considering two matching trucks, but one has only 95,000 miles and 8,500 hours compared to the other truck with 195,000 miles and 13,500 hours. The truck with lower miles and hours is more valuable since it’s presumed to have less wear and tear.

          Miles and hours can be confirmed through diagnostic software from the truck’s computer. Ensure your dealer provides this information. If they cannot, it should raise a red flag.

          While everyone desires a good deal, remember to consider the “total cost of ownership”. Even if two vehicles are priced the same, they may not cost the same over time. One truck or brand might incur more maintenance costs, depreciate faster, or be harder to resell. These extra out-of-pocket expenses such as maintenance and repairs can accumulate significantly.

          While searching for a garbage truck, prioritize not just the price but also additional options, the miles and hours, and most importantly, the working condition of the truck.

          Invest in the Right Garbage Truck Today

          Begin your search online to familiarize yourself with the variety of trucks available. Once you find trucks that meet your requirements, compare their options and conditions. And don’t forget to request a vehicle history check.

          At Trucks & Parts, we provide a CARFAX history report for every single one of our trucks. We believe in honest, fair, and transparent representation of our trucks.

          Also, consider the dealer’s reputation. Avoid buying from a dealer or salespeople you find untrustworthy or uncomfortable dealing with. If a salesperson makes you feel uneasy, it’s probably best to walk away.

          Ideally, the salesperson should be knowledgeable about the condition of the truck, its history, options, and features, and be willing to answer your questions directly.

          While most dealers and salespeople are honest, some merely want to “flip” trucks without any real knowledge of its condition or familiarity with the inspection process.

          At Trucks & Parts, we offer trucks for sale that have been rigorously inspected. The condition is documented, and you can see what work was done or needs to be done.

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