Garbage Truck Rentals

Why rent a garbage truck?

There are many reasons why renting a garbage truck may be a better solution than purchasing additional trucks.

Renting a garbage truck will help you preserve your cash flow, maintain your existing credit, and reduce your tax liability. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Eliminate or reduce your upfront investment
  • Opportunity to try and test the newest equipment before buying
  • Flexibility for project based or contractual needs
  • Better control over cost and improved productivity

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We have partnered with Big Truck Rental, the nation’s largest provider of rental garbage trucks and roll off trucks. No one makes renting a garbage truck faster or easier than Big Truck Rental!

More private and public haulers, cities, counties and municipalities choose Big Truck Rental. They provide:

  • The newest fleet of rental garbage trucks and roll off trucks
  • All equipment under factor warranty
  • Support by the industry’s leading manufactures
  • Personalized rental plans including Long Term and Rent-to-Own

Don't let a truck down or a delay in a new truck delivery impair your cash flow. And when truck requirements surge due to a new contract or seasonal demands or disaster relief, Big Truck Rental can help fill all your equipment needs!