Complete Truck Refurbishing

Used Garbage Trucks | Refurbished Garbage Trucks | Garbage Truck Repairs
Used Garbage Trucks | Refurbished Garbage Trucks | Garbage Truck Repairs

New, Used or Reconditioned Garbage Trucks:  The Choice is Yours

Garbage truck buyers have different needs and different budgets. At Trucks & Parts, we sell new, used, and reconditioned trucks, and we have the right truck for any budget.

Sometimes the best choice is a brand-new truck. But when budgets are tight and capital preservation is a big factor, purchasing a reconditioned truck makes better sense.

When properly reconditioned (the Trucks & Parts way) reconditioned garbage trucks represent a great value.  Why? Well simply put, haulers can save a giant haul of money!

At Trucks & Parts, we have the expertise, the tools, and the know-how to bring used garbage trucks back to life and make them a strong performer once again.

Our qualified service technicians can completely recondition the truck and subtract years of wear and tear. We refurb it way beyond just the cosmetics (the majority of dealers do cosmetics only).  We are experts in all types of refuse packer bodies from all the manufactures, and we are experts in truck chassis’ repairs too.

Garbage Truck Bodies

We have the right parts for your garbage truck and we’re experts when it comes to refuse packer bodies, meaning we repair garbage truck bodies to manufacture specifications and maximum productivity.  We can also supply good used refuse packer parts for McNeilus, Heil, Labrie, Leach, New Way and others to save you money.

Truck Chassis Repairs

We have strong relationships with all the major truck manufacturers including Mack, Peterbilt, Freightliner and Autocar.  If there is a part you need, we can get it. And we also have great sources for good used truck parts.

Manufacturer Parts

Trucks & Parts offers solutions for all manufactured parts, whether it is a new OEM part, a used, or rebuilt part.  If there is a part you need, we can get it.

Make Your Best Decision:  Whether It’s A New Truck or Reconditioned

A productive truck can be a game-changer for your business. That’s why buying the right garbage truck is such an important decision and that’s why Trucks & Parts offers the best solutions to reviving your refuse fleet!

Contact us today at 877-735-8782 and let Trucks & Parts show you a plan that makes sure your trucks are giving you peak productivity.