222 Point Inspection

At Trucks & Parts, we go over our trucks like no else in the industry, and our 222 point inspection provides a clear picture of what work was done to the truck. It’s a serious, painstaking process in which trucks are gone over front to back and top to bottom. If an item doesn’t pass our strict quality requirements, it is repaired or replaced. No questions, no cut corners, no games.

The 222 point inspection provides detailed documentation. It lets you see what we inspected, what condition it was in and what repairs we did to the truck to recondition it and make it “route-ready.” No other dealer does this or offers any documentation for any work they might do to their truck. We do! We also offer a free CarFax report with every truck we sell. With CarFax, you are able to see the vehicle history and verify that our trucks have not been involved in major accidents, have good frames and clean titles.

At Trucks & Parts, we set the standard and continue to raise the bar in the reconditioning of used garbage trucks. We know the difference that a quality truck can make for your business, and we want you to see the value reconditioning repairs make to our trucks. Our rigorous 222 inspection process, along with the reconditioning, and knowing the history of the truck, ensures you that you are buying the best truck possible.

If you want to learn more about the Trucks & Parts difference and our 222 point inspection, please call us or contact us at info@trucksandparts.com.