Why Rent a Garbage Truck?

Renting a garbage truck to meet your garbage and refuse truck needs will help you preserve your cash flow, maintain your existing credit, and reduce your tax liability.It can also improve the productivity of your fleet! Trucks & Parts believes in providing you the BIGGEST opportunities to grow your business.

Trucks & Parts works with the Waste Industry’s biggest refuse and roll-off rental companies located throughout the USA and Canada.

Whether you’re just getting started or your business is expanding, you have routes to cover and you need a fleet of trucks. That’s where Trucks & Parts can help. There are many reasons why renting from Trucks & Parts may be the perfect solution compared to purchasing additional trucks for your garbage/refuse truck fleet. Here are just a few:

  • Start a new collection contract without the typical upfront investment
  • Try out the latest equipment and the newest technology
  • Trucks Broke Down
  • Sudden Bid on Routes
  • Seasonal Demands
  • Storm Cleanups
  • Emergency Disasters
  • Late Delivery on New Trucks
  • Financing Delays
  • Unexpected Situations

Trucks & Parts focuses on responding to your specific needs, can offer several personalized rental plans, including Rent-to-Own. A Rent-to-Own plan allows you to build equity in your truck every month… giving you a faster path to ownership.

Rent-To-Own is just one of the many customer driven plans offered by Trucks & Parts. Whether your rental needs are unexpected, planned or urgent, Big Truck Rental is ready to help.

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