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New technologies can help you get smarter about recovery and disposal methods, while simultaneously increasing productivity and lowering fuel costs and emissions.

The volume of municipal solid waste (MSW) is projected to reach 2.2 billion tons by 2023 (compared with 1.5 billion tons this year). Companies and communities are now rethinking and coming up with new disposal strategies using new technologies - many are going “all in” and converting their entire fleets to the latest technologies.

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Compressed Natural Gas and CNG Trucks

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.09.58 AMWith over 100,000 Natural gas powered vehicles now in the United States and roughly 11.2 million vehicles worldwide, the advantages of natural gas as an alternative fuel are plentiful.

We are experts in CNG trucks - both new and used and including Roll Off Trucks, Refuse and Garbage trucks and Concrete Mixer Trucks. Let us show you how by investing in a natural gas-powered vehicle, you can “green-up” your bottom line and the environment.
Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel trucks are designed for high performance in a broad range of applications. And switching to natural gas can lead to significant fuel cost savings. Natural gas is also one of the most abundant, efficient and clean-burning fuels on earth, as it is odorless and nontoxic.
CNG is ideal for regional haul, municipal and vocational trucks and is particularly advantageous for trash haulers, as well as concrete mixer trucks and roll off trucks and garbage trucks. CNG is also an exceedingly economical choice and as its distribution infrastructure continues to spread, getting CNG is becoming easier and easier. One of the largest developers of CNG Fueling Station infrastructure is TruStar Energy. Trucks & Parts is proud to recommend TruStar Energy. TruStar Energy is able to design and build CNG stations quickly and with little disruption at a customer’s location. They provide flexible CNG solutions that ensure productivity enhancement and profitability and they also offer maintenance and financing

Trucks & Parts can help you find the right solutions for your business and help you navigate thru the Federal, State and local laws and regulations so that you can take advantage of available grants, incentives and tax deductions. Talk to us now about switching over to CNG.

Radio Frequency Identification

One avenue towards smarter collection processes is "radio frequency identification" or RFID tags and global positioning systems (GPS). Most consumers don't think about what becomes of their waste after they bring it out to the curb. But to the hauling company, knowing and managing the garbage and recycling collection with on-board data can provide invaluable information. RFID's capture and tag data, recording the time and GPS coordinates as well as the weight of the pickup. This data can help reduce waste disposal and labor costs by providing insights that can be used to enhance services, from answering customer queries about pickups to fine-tuning collection times, to adjusting driving routes for optimal operational and fuel efficiency. This information can also be used to automate data collection and billing.

No one is more committed to continuing the development of and delivering a fully-realized RFID solution than Sonrai Systems. Trucks & Parts is proud to recommend Sonrai Systems. Their products are tailor made for the needs of waste collectors and haulers that want to increase productivity and lower costs by using data and measurable results.

Split Body Rear Loaders

Designed for dual-stream refuse collection, the split body rear loader is ideal for picking up multiple commodities on a single route. The co-mingled collection capability improves your route efficiency and reduces cost by eliminating the need for an additional truck to pick up recyclables.

The split body rear loader can handle not only bulky ferrous waste, but also wet waste like organics and food scraps. It has two separate compartments that facilitate both trash collection and recyclables as separate streams. Each compartment has its own dedicated hydraulic system and the tailgates operate independently. There are controls on both sides of the tailgate so you can pack from either side of the truck. Different compaction rates can also be set by the operator for each compartment.

The split body rear loader was specifically designed to address the customer's need for a single collection vehicle that can efficiently haul multiple commodities. It is highly productive and is available in multiple sizes and offered by leading manufactures such as McNeilus and Heil.

Parker RunWise® Hybrid Technology

The Parker Hannifin RunWise® Technology is a hybrid design that replaces the refuse truck's conventional drive train with a hydrostatic drive. Hydrostatics have a continuous power curve without peaks and valleys and increase available torque without shifting gears. The design works well for urban refuse routes that have high power, and high start-and-stop applications. Often, a truck equipped with Parker RunWise® Hybrid Technology can reduce your fuel consumption in these cases up to 50%.
Other benefits of a The Parker Hannifin RunWise® Technology are:

  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Decreased Maintenance Cost and Downtime
  • Increased Driver Productivity
  • Lower Emissions Generated
  • Less Exposure to Carbon Emissions Taxes

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a collection of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic digestion came about as the result of a long process of scientists searching for the best way to deal with biowaste and is generally considered to be one of the most innovative and useful technologies developed by the waste industry in recent years. As people will always produce biowaste, whether it be food or sewage, anaerobic digestion is seen not only as a waste management process but also as a source of renewable energy.

The process is used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage waste and/or to produce fuels and can be used to treat organic solid waste and wastewater of almost any kind. Anaerobic digestion allows for a large-scale solution to organic waste and turns the resulting gases into energy.

The Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) and its business collaborator, Zero Waste Energy (ZWE), is designing and building the most advanced organic waste processing technology in the world. Their anaerobic digestion (AD) technology, SMARTFERM, transforms organic waste refuse into carbon-negative energy in the form of electricity or CNG fuel. This system is not only environmentally friendly, but also economically efficient. This is accomplished while not only eliminating tons of noxious landfill gases, but significantly reducing dangerous greenhouse gases, and helping companies and communities quickly meet mandated recycling and waste-reduction levels.

Curotto-Can Automated Carry Can

The Curotto-Can Automated Carry Can has the fastest load time of any automated system on the market. The Curotto-Can utilizes the front loader platform but offers greater maneuverability than a conventional Automated Side Loader. And because the arm is forward of the cab and steer axle, this allows the Curotto-Can to easily move around parked cars and cul-de-sacs or other tight spaces, all while improving productivity and increasing safety.

The Curotto-Can system delivers game-changing performance - up to a 25% to 30% productivity gain over automated side loaders, letting you service more customers, more quickly, and in more applications.

Key Benefits:
• Fastest load time - 4-5 seconds from wheel-stop-to-wheel-go
• Radically more maneuverable - 25% faster around cul-de-sacs
• Arm can be removed and replaced in two minutes
• No prox or limit switches and no logic and/or driver cards
• Eliminates cost of cart loss and damage
• Maintenance and repair done with both feet on the ground
• Utilizes the robust reliability of the front loader platform
• Eyes-always-forward operation - no looking backward, ever
• Operators can preview material before it is packed
• Hopper is 4x larger than ASL (capable of taking large bulk)
• Loads bulk material like a rear loader (eliminates chase vehicle)
• Can be used as a commercial front loader without compromise

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